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Federal and provincial governments are neutral,

Senators of various political parties in the Senate called on the supervisory government to be neutral and contradictory to the election. The senators said that the supervisory government was made for the election, federal and provincial governments took responsibility Elections have been controversy by fulfilling the duty, supervisory governments provide a leveling platform for political parties

I have failed completely, politicians and political workers are being arrested while more than 200 candidates of the banned organizations are participating in the elections whose papers have not been reviewed, Khalid Khorasani claimed responsibility for the attack on Aaron Blur. What the supervisor government has accepted in this regard spoke to Afghanistan? Our enemies have mobilized all the forces to sabotage elections, but the supervisor government does not see anything other than the capture of Konvoy Sharif, the government’s name in the country No provinces have been appointed overseas ministers in which the government does not have the ability to run The Grand Dialogue is needed during all the institutions, the supervisor government has been mobilizing the NAB on one side that the person does not like them deliver it to the NAB, the election is controversial with controversy, the supervisive government At this time foothy towers are made. Former chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani in the Senate meeting on Friday said more media than the Interior Ministry has information about Aaron Bulur’s testimony. The free, fair and transparent election is the responsibility of the oversight government. Security is their first responsibility. What measures were taken for security to be told? Hundreds of workers of a group

Was arrested. Hundreds of containers were closed by Lahore. More than 200 candidates from banned organizations are participating in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab elections. None of them condemned violence. Democracy did not talk about the preservation and strength of the constitution. How did these candidates clear clearance? All the papers of all political parties, including PPP, PML-M and MMA

The candidates were not examined but the candidates of the banned organizations were not checked. He said that the meeting of the House should be held and it is also the tradition of the last elections. Senator Mushtaq Ahmed Khan said that attack on Aaron Bulur is the worst incident of terrorism, the attackers are the enemies of Pakistan and Islam. Senator Abdul Rahman Malik said that of the supervisory federal and provincial governments

There is a lack of contact. Khalid Khorasani has claimed responsibility for the attack on Aaron Blur. Did the supervisor talk to Afghanistan in this regard? These cameras are ready for briefing that ISA is providing complete support to the Afghan government. ISIS is spreading insecurity in Pakistan. Akram Durrani is attacked but he has been safe. God gives them a long life. “Dr. Jehanzeb Jamalani said

The provinces have been issued high alert in federal, lack of contacts in the provinces and the federal government. The Bilawal family is trying to sabotage the attack, but the federal and provincial governments are sitting comfortably, while political leaders are on the target of terrorists, the government has started defaming politicians instead of protecting them. The supervisory government does not have to account for the politicians, accountability government. There is no government name in the country at this time

In the provinces, such ministers have been appointed as ministers who have no capacity to run government, then the general public, including the politicians, remained unsafe. The Senate should direct the federal and provincial governments to be informed that there are some facts or highlights of the high alert which are based on the assumptions. Chairman Sadiq Sanjani said on this occasion

In this regard, the government has already written a letter to federal and provincial governments to provide confidential security to the politicians. Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Senator Shabli Faraz said that the attack on the Bilour family and Akram Khan Durrani is worried, both of them have been involved in the incidents of P.A., Allah does not do such incidents and provinces, if we have to strengthen democracy All political parties

We should get a level play field, our neighbors have mobilized all the forces to sabotage our elections, in the present situation the oversight government is responsible for providing fel-proof security to all major political leaders in the provinces. “Whenever there are elections in the country, political leaders are targeted before it,” said MQM’s Senator Barrister Saif.

In this context, MQM has written the letter to the Election Commission but no action was taken against it, it is unfortunate that we have not learned anything, secret agencies have no mechanisms in our country, the supervisory governments are completely unable to perform their duties. We are still demanding that the Senate committee should be formed to keep in touch with the government and to play its role in safely election.

National Assembly’s Senator Jan Khan Bizenjo said that the supervisory ministers like the Senate in the Senate are answering, that the government of Hafizullah, the Hafizan government, was attacked so many days after an explosion in ANP’s rally, but the Interior Minister They are also saying that they take notice of the House with information. The attention of the supervisory government is only to defame Nawaz Sharif,

The supervisory government was not made to make transparent elections but to make elections in the election and they adopted it.

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