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One trophy 2 claimant remaining in the field

Two troopers of a trophy left in the field, France and Croatia will have two sorts of fights on Sunday.

The FIFA World Cup in Russia is near its end, Croatia has won the match with England in 2-1 in the second semi-final with a 2-1 win over the finals. Which has become a champion once.

Interestingly, England got the lead on Crane Tripier’s freak in the fifth minute in the match played in Wednesday, but Croatia returned to the match from Ivan Parcisk in the presence of 78,000 spectators and then the extra time Mario Mendzickk caught the ball in a decisive style, while England’s second World Cup final played a long-term 52-year-long stand.
Croatia with a population of 40 million kept astonishing the world from its game throughout the event. Now it has a wonderful chance to tick 20 years old with France.

In the 1998 World Cup semi-finals played in Paris, the hostile French side blew Croatia’s hopes and then won the trophy after winning the final, on the other hand, Croatia on the other side of the semi-finals played on their debut event. The status of the country’s heroes has been achieved, but the current team has stepped forward by the heroes and is confident to destroy the last wall.

Interestingly, the first semi-final French squad has got 24 hours for the finals to be finalized on Tuesday, but the Croatian coach Zlotko Delice does not want to seduce him, he is more than his team’s performance, They say it’s a wonderful success.

Our two main players engaged in fitness problems and playing with a leg, but the opponent did not let the team appear, but did not give any alternative to the extra time, I am proud that any of our players did not dare us. The only one match is to win the trophy in his hands and we are also ready for the final, I know we three times in the match we would go for extra time, this is a problem for us, but we are confident Are there

Semi-final losing teams will be competing for the third position between England and Belgium, although the hearts of both teams are broken broken, but to achieve the third position, they are completely ready to revive themselves and get into the field. Are there.

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