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England beat India! England need 1 run to win wicket Root

انگلینڈ نے بھارت کو رلا دیا!انگلینڈ کو جیت کے لئے 1رنز کی ضرورت روٹ نے چوکا مار کر نہ صرف میچ جتوا دیا بلکہ سنچری بھی مکمل کر دی

Joe Root is definitely enjoying his batting these days. Once again he scored a match winning hundred and put England on the top, this time against India. The Indian team won the first ODI of the three match series and it was a very convincing win for them. This win also gave the Indian fans an impression that team India can take this series and there is no doubt that they had their chances. But for England coming back into a series either test or odi is an old habit now. The hosts made a strong comeback in the second ODI thanks to a wonderful ton scored by Joe Root. Today once again Root stood tall and scored his second consecutive hundred against India in the series and once again it was a match winning one. These performances today earned Root the man of the series award as well. He is definitely one of the best batter in the world at this moment.

When England needed one run to win Root was on 96 and needed a boundary to get to three figure mark. Pandya previously bowled a wide ball and it looked as if he would bowl a wide again so that Root could not get to a hundred. But that did not happen as Pandya bowled a full toss and Root was ready for anything. He clubbed this one on the leg side. The fielder was there at short mid-wicket but the ball went pass him and once it did that there was four written all over it. The ball hit the fence and Root was seen dropping his bat. Mic drop action was right there seen for the England fans. Root knew that he did what his team wanted from him. An excellent knock which came at the right time for Root and his team. England takes the series and now it is down to five match test series between the two nations.

In the test format England are the favorites. India in England during a test match has always been a weak team. The ball swings and seams a lot on England wickets. The conditions will suit the home side as well. This is one of the toughest times of a year in England in terms of foreign teams playing against the hosts. England always gets the upper hand and most of the times we have seen them taking away test series in the past especially in these months when the English conditions are at their best in support to the home side. For India it will be a huge challenge to deny England from taking the series. There are five matches and conquering all of them will very tough for the Indian team. Only a miracle can save this series from going into the hands of England especially at this time of the year.

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