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Pakistan achieved 3-0 in the five-one

Pakistan achieved 3-0 in the five-one match series against Zimbabwe, due to which it got a point, but no difference in the fifth position of the green shirts, although the sixth number of the Australian team’s distance The three-point increase, the fourth-ever New Zealand team has 9 points ahead.

England further strengthened their top position by 2-1 in India’s 3-match series, Virat Kohli is second. Jota Root got 113 points together in 113 runs and made 100 runs out of the innings, as he reached Pakistan’s best second position behind Babur Azam, Indian Roh Sharma, Australia’s David Warner and Kavi Rusler Gone, the first rank is with Verat Kohli, which he further strengthened, Jason Rai 19 and Evan Morgan reached 22th.
Indian lift arm spinner Kaledip Mimayev took 9 wickets in this series, and the highest growth in bowlers was also done, he reached 8th career and got career best sixth and other Indian bowlers in the Memoir Top 10, Jupiter Birla top There are Hassan Ali’s third of Pakistan is the third. The top 10 in the top 10 are spinners.

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