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The Pakistani team left behind

Pakistan cricket team batting Harris Sohail’s daughter left Zimbabwe after visiting Zimbabwe. According to sources, Harris Sohail, who returned from Zimbabwe, returned to Zimbabwe due to his daughter’s illness, according to PCB, his replacement player is not being sent to Zimbabwe right now. Remember that the third one day of …

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This ball has been called the ball

The third and final ODI game of the series between India and England has been won by the hosts. England were brilliant with bowl and bat both and they did not let the Indian team slip away. India still made a decent total or call it a fighting one but …

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Information about another legendary cancer

Richard Hessley, former great New Zealand cricketer, was suffering from cancer again. According to details, Richard Hedley suffered in this disease of cancer, which would have to go through surgery once again, according to the New Zealand Cricket. Initial stage. Last month, diagnosis was diagnosed with headache in Headley, which …

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Imran Khan’s Pak-China friendship has taken a big step in such a way

Imran Khan’s Pak-China friendship has taken a big step in such a way تیسرا ایک روز میچ، پاکستان نے زمبابوے کو منہ دکھانے لائق نہ چھوڑا پوری ٹیم کو 67رنز پر آئوٹ کر دیا، جواب میں زمبابوے نے ایسا کام کر دیا کہ پاکستانی ڈریسنگ روم میں ہلچل مچ گئی، …

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Pakistan’s Highlights, especially Fahim Ashraf’s demise performance!

پاکستانی شاہینوں خصوصاً فہیم اشرف کی تباہی کارکردگی!زمبابوے کی پوری ٹیم صرف67رنز پر ڈھیر۔تمام وکٹوں کی ویڈیو دیکھیں Once again a complete failure for Zimbabwe in this third ODI against Pakistan. The hosts are all out for just 67 runs and Pakistan has got to make 68 runs to clinch …

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